Millwork & Furniture Provision:

  • Study client’s brief and design materials and specifications provided by client
  • Provide design concept drawing

  • Request for quotations from suppliers

  • Carry out cost planning

  • Provide detailed design and seek client confirmation

  • Develop prototype

  • Seek Client Confirmation

  • Production

  • Quality testing

  • Delivery

  • Onsite consultation (Optional)

We design and provide millwork and furniture to complement the overall aesthetics and conceptual elements of the interior layout of our clients. 

As an initial step, we will prepare furniture design sketches, taking into account the overall design concept and available space. Further, materials to be used for the production of the millwork and furniture will be considered with reference to any environmental or regulatory requirements and specifications. Thereafter, detailed carpentry design will be developed and mockup will be fabricated as prototype for testing and further modifications. Once we have our client’s approval, we will commission our supplier to produce the millwork and furniture at our supplier’s production facilities. The millwork and furniture produced must meet the particular specifications requested by our clients. Upon satisfactory safety testing and quality-control assessment, the final products will be packaged for transportation to the store location of our clients. Our team will conduct onsite inspection together with our client on a needed basis and the millwork and furniture will be installed by local workers separately engaged by our clients. Finally, onsite testing and commissioning will be conducted to ensure proper installation and fitting.

The below photographs showcase examples of millwork and furniture that we provide to our clients:

  • 1.

  • 2.