Facade Development & Fabrication:

  • Carry out onsite survey
  • Study design materials and specifications from client

  • Carry out structural calculations and prepare drawing analysis

  • Carry out onsite measurement

  • Request for quotations from suppliers

  • Prototype mock-up and seek client validation

  • Facade fabrication and quality testing

  • Delivery

  • Onsite consultation

Our design team carry out structural calculations and prepare blueprints for the facades required by our clients. We also carry out onsite measurement to verify the analysis and make alterations as appropriate.

Prior to fabrication and assembly of the facade, we perform quality assessments on the materials that are delivered to our supplier’s factories for fabrication as well as production methodology. The prototype will be mocked-up and upon the client’s confirmation, the facade is then fabricated and assembled based on the design drawings. Our fabricated products would thereafter be ready to be directly installed at the work sites. Pre-fabrication of the facades enables us to have close control over their quality and also helps to reduce any additional modifications required at the installation stage. Our team will conduct onsite survey and inspection together with our client on an as-need basis and the facade will be installed by local workers. Finally, onsite testing and commissioning will be conducted to ensure proper installation and fitting.