Design & Project Consultancy:

  • Design planning based on client’s concept / Concept development and design planning (Study client’s business and philosophy and products line-up)
  • Site survey and analysis

  • Consider factors such as spatial arrangement, lighting, materials and security concerns

  • Prepare design brief, layout plan, materials and color boards

  • Review and fine-tune design based on client feedback

  • Seek client’s approval

  • Prepare design drawings

  • Revert design proposal or cost estimation

We provide interior design proposal for our clients based on our clients concept, or derive a concept based on our clients requirements.

Once a project is awarded, we will set up a dedicated project consultancy team and initiate discussions with our clients to understand their specific requirements or conceptual idea. Our design team will then conduct site survey and plan for the interior layout of the design, providing several design options while highlighting each of their pros and cons for our client’s consideration. Our design also covers the areas of mechanical and electrical planning, and the layout of furniture, decor and other appliances. Our design team utilizes advanced computer software to assist them with their technical drawings and 3D modeling. We will have continuous discussion with our client and modify the plan as necessary to address their specific needs before reverting the final design proposal along with the cost estimation. We aim to deliver a safe, functional, attractive and creative design proposal to our clients with the combination of our designers’ creativity and technical knowledge.

The below photographs showcase examples of design proposal that we provide to our clients:

  • 1.

  • 2.